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Customer Load-outs for the Rapid Deployment Pack


“On November 6th an active shooter infiltrated downtown Orlando. I responded to the scene along with two Police Commanders and their aide. Realizing as we were approaching the scene I was without all of my SWAT tactical gear and firearms, it was time to go to Plan B. I remember thinking, Thank God for my bag - the Rapid Deployment Pack. Now I had the essentials to survive this search. A gun, a radio, lots of ammo, and clothing that identified me as a police officer.”

-Dave Arnott
Orlando Police Department

“I have been using US PeaceKeeper equipment for the past three years. As a Tactical Firearms Instructor, I have tried many different bags and cases. I utilize these on a daily basis and need something that is rugged and will withstand a lot of abuse as well as allowing me to have some flexibility and durability. I started with the range bag and liked is so much that I am still using it as well as two rifle cases, Medical Kit, Multi-purpose bag and shooting mat. I am always watching for their next piece of gear to hit the market as US PeaceKeeer is only range gear that I will use.

-Eric Davis
U.S. Training Center

“I want to thank U.S. Peacekeeper! The products they produce are the best I've had the pleasure of operating with.  Being in the SPECWAR community, I must have best available gear, period.  I purchased a US Peace Keeper Soft Rifle case, model# U30136, 6 months ago.  This case is one of the best that I've ever OP'd with.  From the rugged and durable construction, to the storage space, this case cannot be beaten!!!! The large, side-pocket houses 3-30 rd magazines and has a webbing located inside the pocket to securely maintain a handgun; a great idea that only  U.S. Peacekeeper uses.   It has padded side-walls, heavy-duty zippers, and a shoulder strap to carry long distances comfortably when needed.  Again, I want to thank you for this great product! I'll never use another case again.  For anyone who reads this, DO NOT PASS THIS UP! Like I said, this is one of the best cases that I have ever had the pleasure using, a great case at an unbelievably great price. So again and again, THANK YOU U.S. Peacekeeper!”

-Rick Asbridge
U.S. Navy SPECWAR (retired)
"Night insert/extract our specialty"

Customer Load-outs for the Rapid Deployment Pack

Rapid Deployment Pack Loadout1x
Rapid Deployment Pack Loadout


Home Defense - Are you prepared?

"We talk about preparation for armed confrontations away from home as well as in the home. So first we talk about the equipment for defense. First obviously would be the weapon a Shotgun, Carbine, or Pistol. Everyone without hesitation brings up the subject of a compact weapon vs. full size, long gun vs. hand gun, rifle vs. shotgun. I tell the students it doesn’t matter as long as you can hit your target and keep the weapon running the weapon, no matter what size, will work. Next would be the conversation about “night sights”. I would rather refer to this as “low light” defense. I bring up the fact that you have to identify the target and identify it as a “threat” before you can shoot, so with that in mind you need to have some sort of light and enough of it to see the target, example a flashlight. Next would be, “how much ammo should I have?” I tell them I don’t care if you have a magazine that holds 25 rounds in the weapon or a magazine that holds 5 rounds in the weapon, you need extra ammo. Last but not least we need to carry our cell phone. Where is the phone kept when you are sleeping, several replies include a different room on the charger. I explain the importance of having communication with the police in a situation where the land line phone has been disabled. How about keys for your vehicle or detached garage or anything else you could use to your advantage that may be locked. Now I have their attention we start talking about “How in the world am I going to carry all of this important stuff?” Now enter, “Home Defense Bag” the Rapid Deployment Pack by US PeaceKeeper Products. The features of this bag include Holster pocket to keep a pistol in. I have fastened the “Glock Sock” into the pocket for an added safety feature. The “Glock sock” covers the trigger guard, so when I am in a hurry to deploy the weapon and I reach into the pocket I do not have any chance of touching the trigger and the gun going off. There are pockets designed for additional ammo, in the case of the pistol, extra magazines. If the weapon is a rifle, M16 style, there are pockets for additional magazines. If the weapon is a shotgun, additional shells can be placed in the large pocket and easily accessed by simply unzipping the pocket and tucking the flap in. There is plenty of room for a flashlight or 2 and a first aid kit. A set of keys to your vehicle could be placed into a pocket or clipped onto the shoulder strap using the attached “clasp”. A cell phone can be attached to the pack several ways. The first would be to place the phone into a pocket or simply attach the phone to the nylon webbing on the shoulder strap."

-Illinois Trainer

"The US Peacekeeper Rapid Deployment bag is my choice for a quality bag capable of carrying all of the essentials that an Army Helicopter Pilot would need in a worst case scenario.  In my line of work it is imperative that I have a “go bag” that is capable of carrying the basics needed to evade enemy capture and survive for an unknown amount of time while awaiting friendly exfill.  This bag suits that need perfectly, it is small enough to fit directly behind my head while I’m flying and if the worst does happen it is light enough to throw over my shoulder and begin my exfill.  This bag is must have for any Military Service Member who is serving in a position that would require a “go bag”!  The customer service and Military friendly personnel that you deal with at US Peacekeeper is second to none!

As an avid gun enthusiast and a veteran of Special Operations prior to becoming a helicopter pilot, I will purchase US Peacekeeper products before looking anywhere else!  These products are top of the line and of the highest quality at a reasonable price."                                                                                                                                                              

 -CW2 US Army

Some of the things that I carry in the pack:

4 AR-15 magtechmagazines
2 Berretta 15 round magazines
Signal mirror
VS-17 panel
IR Beacon
Candy Bars
1 bottle of water
Fire starter
Gerber multi tool
First aid kit, x2 14 gauge needles for chest decompression, quick clot x3, tourniquet
Space blanker
Survival saw
2 snap links
Modified nylon rope for quick extraction purposes

Testimonial from New Mexico

Gentlemen, I send greetings from the border country in the  "Beautiful Land of Entrapment" New Mexico.

Things here where according to Ms. Incompatano "things are safer than they have ever been" continue to deteriorate. to that end I have dropped all of my pretenses of fire arms purity and in this last year made two purchases. One being a PTR 19 in .308 and an AR in 5.56 for the little woman. In seeking a decent Grab and go bag for her use. I acme upon your rapid deployment pack. It is just the ticket. We live in the bush and the house is a stick and stucco affair. Hardly a place to fort up. therefore since we know the country we figure in many situations the best solution is to get outside and go huntin'! I am sending a couple shots of how her bag is rigged. Water is not shown, but there is room for it.

Rapid Deployment Pack
Rapid Deployment Pack Loadout 2

We have kept things rather basic so there is not side arm. if she has time she can grab up her belt, if not she works off the rifle.

Thanks, it's a good rig,

Frank Morris
IndaGila of NM

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