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3-Gun Case


The Perfect 3-Gun Match Accessory
Water-resistant 600 Denier nylon.
Reinforced wrap-around handles and padded sling strap for carry options.
Three padded pockets
Zippered hand gun case with padded Tricot liner.

  • Webbing system features adjustable straps for securing rifle and shotgun
  • Thick padding separates rifle and shotgun (.5”)
  • Removable padding allows for rapid drying if exposed to moisture
  • Backpack straps included


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Rapid Deployment Pack

Rapid Deplyment Pack

Tactical Combination Case


“On November 6th an active shooter infiltrated downtown Orlando. I responded to the scene along with two Police Commanders and their aide. Realizing as we were approaching the scene I was without all of my SWAT tactical gear and firearms, it was time to go to Plan B. I remember thinking, Thank God for my bag - the Rapid Deployment Pack. Now I had the essentials to survive this search. A gun, a radio, lots of ammo, and clothing that identified me as a police officer.”

-Dave Arnott
Orlando Police Department


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Carry your carbine and shotgun in one easy to manage case

43" double gun case with padded divider
Water-resistant Denier nylon
Double zippers with lockable feature
Reinforced wrap-around handles
Four rifle magazine holders
Padded front pocket with 24 shotgun shell elastic loops
ID pocket


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